Property Search In Eastern England

The role of organised property search in Eastern England has never been more important than now. Despite the economic recession, and fears of the future, there are now more buyers active in the market than sellers and an acute shortage of properties. Throughout East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire) good properties are snapped up within two or three weeks of them appearing for sale – but not all of them and not everywhere. The art of winning in a losers market is to identify not only what is visible but what is in the process of becoming so. No one is better placed than a professional property company to perform this task. These conditions are likely to remain the same in the next two years of economic austerity: a slowly recovering housing market, a gradual easing in mortgage availability and deposit requirements and competitive interest rates. It will not likely get much easier but it should remain a possible although demanding market.

12 June 2010