A Bounce this Spring

There are encouraging signs of more property coming on to the market in East Anglia, according to local estate agents, and prices are firming. There is a growing consensus that prices in the regions leading cities Cambridge, Norwich Ipswich and Colchester have levelled out. Of course no one wants to buy a house or flat, no matter how desirable, on the evidence of a few months, nor is it persuasive to suggest any resumption of a property boom.

However, it may be that the worst is past. The slow growth of the UK economy and consumer uncertainty about their incomes and jobs will act as a continuing break on big increases in price but some steady upward progress can reasonably be expected.

Timing a property move is always difficult. No one likes to buy on a falling market. But buyers should take into account that it may take four months or more to find and complete a sale. The time to look seriously for the ideal property may be now. A move now will enable buyers to buy at a low with some reasonable chance to move ahead from that point.

21 January 2011