Housing Investment Potential

The house market is notoriously volatile. Prices go up and down. There is however no fall without a rise and the pessimists are invariably shown up as false prophets. David Smith, the much respected Economics Editor of the Sunday Times predicts that house prices will shake off their depression – more accurately described as flat-lining – and rise in real terms over the next five years. It is a characteristic shared with the stock market. The ordinary investor is slow to read the signs: he is too late to buy when property is cheap and too slow to sell when markets are expensive. The time to buy is now. It is our belief that property bought now will rise in value over the years ahead and give the house owner an acceptable return on his money. In East Anglia there are many inviting houses in our county towns, Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge, and in the countryside awaiting shrewd buyers. Might you be among them? We would be pleased to help.

23 May 2011