Steady As She Goes

The long-hoped for property recovery is yet to find its legs. However, the housing market has steadied and most expert commentators expect the next changes to be upwards. We experience this frustration in East Anglia. Many house builders and house owners seeking to move home would dearly like to get going while prices are competitive and the property seeker is frustrated daily in all our fine cities: Norwich, Colchester, Chelmsford and Cambridge.

In this difficult housing market property search companies such as our own serve the client well. We know something of the many stalled sales; the houses withdrawn from the market by frustrated sellers and the countless people desperately seeking a bargain. Through our contacts with leading estate agents we get to know about these properties and are able to provide the necessary visibility for them. Property seekers need services such as our own to open up this hidden market that property seekers.

The next few months offer many opportunities to make a bargain sale and to off-load the properties that have frustrated sellers.

19 October 2011