Steady As She Goes

19 October 2011

The long-hoped for property recovery is yet to find its legs. However, the housing market has steadied and most expert commentators expect the next changes to be upwards. We experience this frustration in East Anglia. Many house builders and house owners seeking to move home would dearly like to get going while prices are competitive [...]

Housing Investment Potential

23 May 2011

The house market is notoriously volatile. Prices go up and down. There is however no fall without a rise and the pessimists are invariably shown up as false prophets. David Smith, the much respected Economics Editor of the Sunday Times predicts that house prices will shake off their depression – more accurately described as flat-lining [...]

First Time Buyers

24 March 2011

There was chink of light in the Budget for first-time house buyers. The Government has put aside the small sum of £250 million pounds to help them raise the necessary deposit to buy their very first home. This Scheme will operate through mortgage providers. East Anglia will be among the first areas of the country [...]

A Bounce this Spring

23 January 2011

There are encouraging signs of more property coming on to the market in East Anglia, according to local estate agents, and prices are firming. There is a growing consensus that prices in the regions leading cities Cambridge, Norwich Ipswich and Colchester have levelled out. Of course no one wants to buy a house or flat, [...]

Buy Now and Rest in Leisure

7 November 2010

Contrary to popular belief the best time to buy a good property is when the market is at a bottom as it is now. East Anglia has many thriving regional centres, Cambridge, Norwich, Ipswich; enchanting seaside towns and small villages; and, of course, the Norfolk Broads. It is difficult at present to find really good [...]

North Norfolk Coast

19 September 2010

House prices may be falling and clearing banks are unhelpful with loans. Great! It is an ideal time to invest in a second home in North Norfolk. You are surprised? Don’t be. When prices turn up again, as surely they will, there will be few better investments than property along the North Norfolk coast. With [...]

Norfolk Broads

12 September 2010

The Norfolk Broads is Britain’s largest protected wetland with the status of National Park and access to pretty North Norfolk villages and seaside. It is an area rich in wildlife and natural fauna. A boating holiday on the water is a great way to enjoy it. It is a perfect place for a holiday or [...]


6 September 2010

Norwich is the ancient administrative centre for Norfolk and East Anglia, and once the second city in England. Although historic in the full sense of the word, with fine architecture new and old, it is also a centre of learning, sports and tourism, a regional centre for the arts and one of Britain’s finest shopping [...]


30 August 2010

Cambridge is a protected European Heritage site for its glorious architecture. It is a wonderful place to live with a wide diversity of housing, bookshops, restaurants and shops. Housing is expensive, and the very best is napped up at high prices. To live in Cambridge, or one of the pretty surrounding villages, requires quick, careful [...]

Property Search In Eastern England

12 June 2010

The role of organised property search in Eastern England has never been more important than now. Despite the economic recession, and fears of the future, there are now more buyers active in the market than sellers and an acute shortage of properties. Throughout East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire) good properties are snapped up [...]

Time to Buy

12 May 2010

At the depth of the collapse of the housing market in 2008/09 dire prophetic messages spoke of further collapse to levels up to 50 percent of 2007 levels. Householders were frightened into believing that the days of housing booms were over for ever. It didn’t happen. According to the Nationwide, prices in March 2010 were [...]