Housing Investment Potential

The house market is notoriously volatile. Prices go up and down. There is however no fall without a rise and the pessimists are invariably shown up as false prophets. David Smith, the much respected Economics Editor of the Sunday Times predicts that house prices will shake off their depression – more accurately described as flat-lining [...]

North Norfolk Coast

House prices may be falling and clearing banks are unhelpful with loans. Great! It is an ideal time to invest in a second home in North Norfolk. You are surprised? Don’t be. When prices turn up again, as surely they will, there will be few better investments than property along the North Norfolk coast. With [...]

Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads is Britain’s largest protected wetland with the status of National Park and access to pretty North Norfolk villages and seaside. It is an area rich in wildlife and natural fauna. A boating holiday on the water is a great way to enjoy it. It is a perfect place for a holiday or [...]


Norwich is the ancient administrative centre for Norfolk and East Anglia, and once the second city in England. Although historic in the full sense of the word, with fine architecture new and old, it is also a centre of learning, sports and tourism, a regional centre for the arts and one of Britain’s finest shopping [...]